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Stonewall ATL strives to provide a safe, inclusive space for all Members, Friends of the League, and Informational Participants.  All persons associated with Stonewall should, therefore, conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the values and reputation of the League and act with fairness and integrity toward others.

  1. Set a positive example for others and encourage everyone to fully participate in all League activities.

  2. Always have regard for the best interests of the League, including when publicly expressing an opinion on the League and any particular aspect of it or others involved in the League.

  3. While participating in Stonewall activities or representing the League, including wearing League-branded attire, be mindful of the Code of Conduct and other rules that may apply. This includes participation in online forums, group chats, and social media posts (including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Discord, GroupMe, etc.). The League may request removal of social media posts that may violate the Code of Conduct or other rules; further actions including conduct investigations and sanctions may also apply. Constructive feedback and criticism is, of course, acceptable and welcome so long as the verbiage does not violate any of the above.

  4. Know and abide by the rules and spirit of the sports and of the League.

  5. Accept success and failure, victory, and defeat with an equal measure of dignity.

  6. Treat opponents with due respect at all times, irrespective of the result of the game.

  7. Safeguard the physical fitness of all players, avoid violence and rough play, and help injured players.

  8. Show due respect towards umpires and referees. All complaints or protests should be directed to Captains and not to game officials.

  9. Do not become excessively drunk or participate in illegal drug activities while at League functions, while wearing a Stonewall-branded shirt, or operating in any capacity where you are seen as a member of the organization.

  10. Adhere to the League’s policies and guidelines.

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