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Registration Types

Hello and welcome! We are so excited to have you join our community. The following is a breakdown of what each role means when you are signing up. Due to the rotation of sport directors, venues, etc, this is SUBJECT TO CHANGE at any given time, and we appreciate your flexibility.




You create and lead a team! Captains may have an established team already, or they may opt to helm a team and seek new players throughout the registration season. If you are a NEW captain, please notify the director of that sport to express your thoughts/needs for creating a team. Please allow the director ample time to get back to you. Example:


Hello! I’m Jamie (she/her). I played in another Kickball league and am bringing a few other folks over to Stonewall. I’d love to welcome free agents onto my team. We take game play seriously, but we are definitely partiers looking to mix with other teams at the bars, and our vibe will be very social.


Due to league popularity, it is highly encouraged that captains, including returning ones, create space for new players and/or Free Agents. There is an option in League Apps where you can invite players to your team, and we are also currently working on an option where captains can make it known they are welcoming new players in our questionnaire. 


As a captain, it is expected that you will provide umpires/refs throughout the season. It is also expected that these officials will know all rules and regulations.


Captains also have voting rights to elect board members during general election cycles, if they’ve served as a captain in the last two years.



You already have a team, or a captain has approached you to join their team. You will not be able to register until the captain creates the team. New players/free agents, please do NOT sign up to be a team player. You are welcome to reach out to captains over League Apps or Instagram expressing your interest in joining their team if you enjoy their vibe.



This means you desire to be placed on a team together. This is good for couples or small groups of friends who don’t have enough to make a full team. The sport director will do all in their power to accommodate, but it is not a guarantee that you’ll be placed together. 



Welcome! This means you are signing up to be PLACED on a team, be that a free agent team or onto one that already exists. Sport depending, you can fill out our Free Agent survey in order to be placed on teams similar to your needs. If the survey is not available, you will be placed to the best of that Director’s ability, based upon your answers to registration questions.


Please note, due to popular demand, Free Agent slots are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, and much as we will try to accommodate, you are NOT guaranteed to be placed. In the instance you are placed on a wait list, your payment will not be processed. If moved off the waitlist, you will be prompted by email to make a payment, and given a deadline before your registration is voided automatically by the system. 


*PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Each sport director will do their best to place free agents to their closest desire, but factors like space, captains taking on free agents, team numbers etc change season to season. We appreciate your understanding, flexibility, and patience for the hard work the director of the sport puts in.*


For now, we only hold free agent socials and mixers for kickball due to its size. These are events where you can mingle with captains, teams, and other free agents who are recruiting. We also hold IDEAS socials, which are safe spaces for those from underrepresented groups to mingle and register if desired.


If you meet other free agents at these events and decide you’d like to establish a team together (with one of you as captain), please reach out to the director of that sport ASAP to secure a slot. They/he/she will then place other free agents or small groups onto your team if space allows.




Returning Players

These are usually for our larger sports in order to honor/further guarantee spots for former players from within the last year, and only for that sport. It will be advertised ahead of time. Examples:


I bowled in Spring 2023, can I sign up as a returning player for kickball Fall 2023? NO


I played Kickball in Fall 2022, can I sign up as a returning player for Spring 2023? YES


I’m new to ATL but played Stonewall Kickball in another city, can I sign up as a returning player? NO


I played Dodgeball in Summer 2022, can I sign up as a returning player in Summer 2023? YES


I bowled in Summer 2022, can I sign up as a returning player for bowling in Fall 2023? NO


Non-Registered Positions

Captains may assign these at will to their players. Social Chairs and Philanthropy Chairs are typically for the larger sports, but captains are welcome to create the positions. Some teams also create Co-Captains or Coaches. These MUST be a registered Stonewall player on that team. Friends and family are welcome to support by coming to games, but they shall have no say on gameplay. None of these positions have voting rights in general elections.


Your Sports Directors

Each sport has an elected director, who works diligently as they can to ensure smooth gameplay, resolve any conflicts, set up venues and schedules, take care of refs etc. Please understand these roles are volunteer based (as is the whole board), and that with the amount of registered players, they will do their best to accommodate as many needs as possible but cannot make guarantees for team placement. We thank them for their vital work in making the league run smoothly!

Last Updated: February 2024

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