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Anyone who witnesses a violation of a League policy or code of conduct at a League function should report the incident to an available Sports Director or their designee.  If a Director is not available or the incident occurs “off the field”, the incident should be reported to one of the Board Members and/or the Commissioner.


The allegation will be forwarded to the investigatory committee of the Board. The committee will determine if the allegations are within the jurisdiction of Stonewall Sports Atlanta. If so, the investigatory committee will conduct the necessary investigations and carry out any required actions to resolve the complaint. If the incident occurred “on the field,” the relevant Sports Director or their designee will be included in the investigation.


The investigatory committee, under the authority of the Commissioner, will carry out any sanctions determined to be appropriate. Sanctions may include verbal warnings, written warnings, suspensions and, if the violation is repetitive or particularly egregious, expulsion from the League, including but not limited to sport, social, and philanthropic events.


If expelled, a player will not be refunded any registration fees. If a member is expelled from the League, they will remain ineligible to become a member again for at least one full season or six (6) months as appropriate. The League may also refuse entry to League-sponsored events to any Member, Friend of the League, or Informational Participant due to code of conduct violations.

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