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Stonewall Sports Atlanta


A brand new tournament benefitting The Trans Housing Coalition.

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Please note: This is an LGBTQAI+ RECREATIONAL TOURNAMENT. We welcome players of all skill, gender, and sexuality, but the primary focus of this tournament is to represent the QUEER COMMUNITY in all capacities and to give back to the community. 

Nobody Says "Hotlanta" is a seeded bracket tournament

Day 1 - Pods of teams will compete in 3 matches in a round robin rotation. Their tournament seeding will be determined by their final rank. 


Day 2 - Single Elimination tournament. Teams will be seeded into divisions


Brackets will be determined by location and blind draw. As this is open nationally, we want teams from around the country to be able to compete against other teams.

We expect to have 2 divisions for the tournament. This is a fun tournament and we encourage people of all skills to participate to benefit our community.

12-21 players. 


$60 - starting []
$65 - starting []
$70 - [] & all teams must have an 12 person minimum or their team will be removed from the tournament with no refund.

Registration Closes [].


1st Place A Division - Trophy + Medals
1st Place B Division -  Trophy + Medals

Games are played at Central Park & overflow at a Local Middle School.

There is no transportation to the fields. We encourage car rentals, but ubers/lyfts are available. The hotel is 1.3 miles from the fields.

Georgia weather is predictably unpredictable. Games will play unless lighting is present.

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A Division: Teams that compete at a high level. These are teams that have won their local leagues multiple times, have players that are perceived as the best in their respected communities, have players that compete in national circuits like Kickball365, have players that are experienced kickball players throughout their roster. These are players that have ranked, or consistently rank, in the A-Division in tournaments sponsored by OutLoud Sports, Stonewall Sports, or Kickball365. THIS IS AN ADVANCED OR EXPERIENCED DIVISION

B Division: Teams that are competitive but have a balanced roster of talented and still learning players. These are teams that have won their B-divisions, if existing, in their local leagues, compete well but end up in the middle of the pack, have a wide variety of talent but never make an impact in their local leagues, players that are competitive but still learning the game, players that have won tournaments, like Sin City, Stonewall or GKUSA, but never in the A-Division. THIS IS AN INTERMEDIATE OR DEVELOPING TALENT DIVISION

C Divisions: Teams that are social or recreational and compete just to have fun. Teams may have competitive players but the interest of these teams is to socialize and drink and have fun, more than compete at a high level. These are teams that may have won their C-Division, if existing in their local leagues, have players that have never played before or just completed their first season, players that are still learning the game, players who prefer to be hungover and just have fun, than go to bed early, players who exhibit skills but are still developing them, players that have won tournaments, like Sin City, but never in the A or B Division. THIS IS A BEGINNERS OR SOCIAL/RECREATIONAL DIVISION

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