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Thirst Base

Stay Thirsty 🤤

Thirst Base

Chattahoochee Conference

Cypress Division

Founded in Fall 2021, Thirst Base became a team focused on social activities and creating lasting bonds and memories. Through our many seasons, our team has shown to have the most community leaders, while having fun on (and mainly off) the fields. Family on and off the fields, we are each others biggest cheerleaders for years to come. Cheers to the memories we will never remember with the friends we will never forget! ❤💋

Thirst Base


Andrew Garmon


Morgan Roth

Social Chair:

Cody Cook

Philanthropy Chair:

Jean-Luc Rivera

Thirst Base

Team Ump:

Justin Jerome

About Us

What is the number 1 song on your sideline playlist?

If your team is having a movie night, what are you watching?

Outside of kickball, you can find us...

If you're going on a team vacation, where are you going and why?

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