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The Plastics

Burn Book on 3!

The Plastics

Chattahoochee Conference

The Eagle Division

We are a fun, diverse and competitive team of like minded kickball players who want to improve their skills, win trophies, travel with their teammates, and enjoy camaraderie through athletic competition.

The Plastics


Michael Tanner


Austin Alexander

Social Chair:

Kyle Collier

Philanthropy Chair:

Sam Shoemaker

The Plastics

Team Ump:

Lanier Hensen

About Us

What is the number 1 song on your sideline playlist?

If your team is having a movie night, what are you watching?

Outside of kickball, you can find us...

If you're going on a team vacation, where are you going and why?

Barbie World w/ Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice

Mean Girls and Barbie Double Feature

Meeting up in Midtown before going to The Eagle or hanging out at Tanner's before a night at Mary's.

Cabin Trip- definitely a cabin trip - we try to have one a year and they are always memorable

We are Recruiting!

Someone who is looking to improve their skills while having fun, being social, and supporting our community.

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