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The Avengers

Avengers... ASSEMBLE!

The Avengers

Centennial Conference

Felix's Division

The Avengers is one of Stonewall Kickball ATL's free agent teams for the Fall 2023 season. Superheroes of all skill sets and experiences have come together to create friendships, have lots of laughs, and win some games.

The Avengers


Paul Kawata


German Sierra

Social Chair:

Paul Kawata

Philanthropy Chair:

The Avengers

Team Ump:

Paul Kawata

About Us

What is the number 1 song on your sideline playlist?

If your team is having a movie night, what are you watching?

Outside of kickball, you can find us...

If you're going on a team vacation, where are you going and why?

Padam Padam

Everything Everywhere All At Once


The beach

We are Recruiting!

We seek fun, drama-free people willing to try. All skills and experiences welcome.

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