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Justice League

Find your superpower here

Justice League

Centennial Conference

Justice League begins its Atlanta division with the Spring 2023 season. All are welcome; no experience necessary. We aim to win some games, laugh a lot, support our community, and create lasting friendships along the way.

Justice League


Paul Kawata



Social Chair:


Philanthropy Chair:


Justice League

Team Ump:

About Us

What is the number 1 song on your sideline playlist?

If your team is having a movie night, what are you watching?

Outside of kickball, you can find us...

If you're going on a team vacation, where are you going and why?

We are Recruiting!

We are looking for fun and drama-free players of all abilities and backgrounds - seasoned or brand new - aiming to have a great time. While we do like to win games, Justice League puts friendships first. We all have superpowers. If you don’t know yours, Justice League can help you find it.

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