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Kickball Committee Positions and Descriptions

Kickball Director


  • Oversee day-to-day operation of the league

  • Final authority on all rules and regulations of the sport

  • In charge of advancing the League’s mission and setting the vision, direction and goals of the league with input from the Kickball Board, Captains, and Committees

  • Responsible for the setup of seasons in LeagueApps, as well as finalizing the year calendar with the Kickball Board

  • Collect, record, and publish official League results, ranking, and statistics

  • Liaise with the SSA Board as needed, regarding SSA-led initiatives, policies and other required compliance

  • Elected by entirety of Kickball Captains pursuant to the Stonewall Sports Atlanta bylaws


Logistics/Operations Lead


  • Assist the Director with identifying and securing appropriate venues and accessories for all sporting events

  • Oversee the setup and take down of all fields game day, as well as all game day operations

  • Maintain accurate records of all equipment, as well as any equipment needs at every end of season board meeting in conjunction with the Head Umpire

  • Assist SSA Events Director with the execution of Kickball specific events

  • Assist with registration, apparel orders, and game/playoff schedules


Social/Experience Lead


  • Designing and implementing a communication and marketing strategy that reflects the brand and promotes the mission of the League in conjunction with the SSA Marketing Director and Communication Director

    • Will generate, edit, and publish engaging content via approved channels

    • Oversee the Stonewall Atlanta Kickball Instagram

  • Oversee the League’s Rainbow Points initiatives with assistance from the Division Leads

  • Oversee the League social chair chat and foster community involvement within

  • Assist with the promotion of any team led philanthropy events via approved channels

  • Assist in ensuring the overall experience on game day is accepting and in-line with the mission of the league, and assist in maintaining the overall image and reputation of the league

Kickball Head Umpire


  • Top authority for the interpretation of all kickball rules for the league

  • Update rules as needed with the advice and consent of the Director

  • Responsible for identifying, recruiting, training, and scheduling umpires for all games

  • Will assist with determining safety conditions for all field, ensuring fields are properly set up, and that inclement weather protocols are in place


Conference Lead (3 Conferences)


  • Responsible for managing the affairs of their assigned division

  • Provide guidance and support to Captains in their division, and ensure that new members are welcomed into the League

  • Assist with scheduling of their division, field setup and takedown (as needed), and be a general resource during game days

  • Assist with the promotion of any team philanthropy events for their division with the Social/Experience Lead

  • Identify candidates for the end of season MVP award for their division

  • Represent the interest of their division within the Kickball Board


Recruitment/Development Lead


  • Responsible for the recruitment efforts of the Kickball League, as well as the development of captain’s, resources for players, and retention of captains, players, and teams

  • Heads the efforts of Free Agent placements and follow ups with new members

  • Will recruit any needed Free Agent Captains and assist with training and education for a successful season

  • Assist the Logistics/Operations Lead with the planning and execution of Free Agent events/socials

  • In collaboration with the Conference Leads, assist captains as needed with resources for continued growth of the Kickball League

  • Manage the “Friends Of” rosters for Kickball specific and assist with communication efforts

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